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MUSIC WE LOVE: Beirut/Realpeople
March 11, 2009, 11:46 am
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photo by Claire Vogel

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been genre-ly challenged when it comes to music. I enjoy so many music genres that sometimes It gets a little confusing. Why do my ears enjoy the sound of a Latin brass band and experimental electronica? I’ve never really been able to decide on one specific music genre that is my favorite. Luckily, Beirut has released a new double EP with two distinct sounds that tickle my fancy.

The first EP is called March of the Zapotec. It’s the traditional Beirut sound with a little extra umph! Band leader Zach Condon went down to Oaxaca and met a 19 member band to record his new EP with. The Jimenez Band adds such a great sound to this EP. A trumpet powered band with the traditional upbeats that we’re used to hearing from Beirut. The first track, El Zocalo, has an almost circus feel with the cymbols clapping and the trumpets blasting. Once you move onto track two, La Llorano, you get Zach’s incredibly haunting voice. The rest of the EP I won’t give away.

The second EP is titled Holland. Many people don’t know that before Beirut, Zach performed as Realpeople. With Holland, Zach has returned to Realpeople to give us something extra special! Each of the tracks in Holland were created in Zach’s home and has a digital sound that we haven’t yet heard from him. I must say that I love the synth beats and almost glam sound that Zach has created on some of his tracks in this EP.

Please check out this double EP, which is available now on iTunes. Especially if you’re like me and can’t quite choose a music genre to cling to.


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