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September 25, 2009, 12:19 pm
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One winner will receive the item of their choice from up above. The bow headband, small ropey scarf or small holey cowl. Winner will also be able to choose the color of their item. To enter, just comment below! Winner will be chosen at random on Oct. 1!


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I love your knit wear, I wish I could afford something!

Comment by Becky Bingham

This stuff is so cute. Especially the bow. so GaGa.

Comment by jass

I am in LOVE with the holey cowl! That is so moi! I wish I could knit so I could create something like that, but since I can't, I hope I can win that…I will wear it all winter long!



Comment by Natasha Rao

i loooove the headband! so cute!

Comment by jennifer berggren

Everything on this site is absolutely adoreable! I wish I could afford it, I'd buy everything! I really hope I win, I'd wear it just about everyday! Perfect for a snowy day.

Comment by Sarah

i love ur vintage !! i always refresh the page at least twice a week to see if theres anything new id be able to buy! =)

Comment by fashionista_nix

Obsessed with that bow!

Comment by Kina

I'm in LOVE with the small holey cowl! Too cute!


Comment by JP

tra la la la i like knit things.

Comment by almondeyes_

All those items are so cute. It would be quite nice to win one! C: C: C:

Comment by Renee L. R.

Soooo cute!

Comment by Stephanie

Ooooh my, this is really nice! I think I'm going to learn how to knit soon

Comment by Domitille

i love your knitwear!!! im learning how to knit at school…this is INSPIRATION!!!!

Comment by Melissa

i LOVE purple!
so i def would wear the hoely cow!
but ima broke college student 😦 lol

Comment by Dee Bee

i make love to your clothes
and cocorosie.

Comment by ruefontaine

I love the small holey cowl!

bunnybx at gmail . com

Comment by Bunny B

Let me win since I live with you.

Comment by Marcus Cap

adorable. The cowl is a must, I love the rope theme, too. If I don't win, I think I'll just have to learn to how to knit the cowl. x]

Comment by Amber Straub

Love love love the cowl!


Comment by mjensen1

The bow headband is adorable, I enter!!

twitter: mikaWarhol

Comment by mikaWarhol

Oh my god I am in love with the bow necklace and the small ropey necklace. Very susie bubble worthy! Keep up the great work! Would love to feature you on my blog πŸ™‚
-Emily of Little Black Book x

Comment by 6p0120a58bd4d6970c

I loove the bow, would def wear it.

xx fmmp

Comment by fmmp

Those are all really cool…and autumn-y!

Comment by Caitlin

They are all adorable! You're so talented! Where did you get such skill?

❀ Megan

Comment by Megan

Loving the small holey cowl or the small ropey scarf so much, the colors are perfect for fall! Would love to wear it with a cute cardigan, shirt, skirt and tights! ah!

Comment by M.

love all of these!

Comment by Nixon Capri

wow, adorable. I love the headband.

Comment by SashaSuperhero

Loving the sherberty cowl….mmmm.

Comment by Goddess In The Details

Very very cute.

Comment by Cara

All three are gorgeous. I love the Holey cowl's name!

Comment by Elissa

all of the stuff on this site is so cute!
if i could, i'd buy everything.

Comment by melomaniax

I would love to be able to have the bow! Sorry, but I have not a single cent to be able to afford your beautiful things.

Comment by Bella Donna

i loveeee the cowl!

Comment by Zel

Scarf is gorgeous!

Comment by Brit

I hope I win; I love this site!

Comment by erica kinΓ© plummer

I'm diggin' the knit-wear!

Comment by Jessica Endaya

enjoying your site and all the clothes!!they are awesome!!

Comment by colleen

All your clothes are adorable!

Comment by Elena

This is so very exciting! I adore the purple scarf!

Comment by Jenny Kay

This is so lovely! I want the ropey scarf. I hope I wiiin πŸ˜€ Yay!

Comment by Anonymous

I want it πŸ˜€ The ropey scarf is my favorite. A MUST for fall season!!

Comment by Maria DeGuzman

Yes pleazzzzz!

Comment by Martha

That cowl is really perfect for any fall outfit.

Comment by JLS

i am constantly freezing so that holey cowl is perfect for me. It would great all day!
loving the oatmeal color πŸ™‚
great giveaway!

Comment by Anna D.

that huge scarf is gorgeous! how lucky one should be.

Comment by christian

Oh these are just beautiful!

Comment by Kennedy

love luv love luuuv ur stuff! hope 2 win!!!!

Comment by Zz's Closet

The small rope necklace is absolutely gorgeous.

Comment by Joannie

Your models are so cute!! Of course like everyone else, I find the knits all super adorable. πŸ˜€

Comment by Crystal Couture

If I won I would cherish these amazing knit wonders like they were my first born child

…seriously…I'll make a nursery for them! put them through college! Anything!

Pick me!!

Comment by Nicole Marie

love these items!

Comment by Suezanuhh

I think I'd be willing to commit a felony for that headband.

Comment by Blair

the knit wear looks loooovely πŸ™‚

Comment by Eunice

I love all of your pieces.

Comment by Sloane

omg LOVE! love love the bows.. completely in trend with fashion week a la marc jacobs πŸ™‚

would LOVE the bow

Comment by uri

you make such unique things! love following your twitter too!

Comment by Ariyana Smith

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!! those items are hot! (im a knit freak so anything wool like im in love with!

Comment by devin

these are all so nice! I agree with @natasha rao, i wish i would knit too so i can make things like this. Awesome blog and i love your store!!

Comment by Jasmin Alexia

I'm in love with the small holey cowl! So adorable, and so chic!

Comment by Jean

Sooo cute! These are making me excited for winter.

Comment by Laura B

Yeeowsers Cavy! I want that knitted head bow on my head! Tis fab!

Comment by createurdestin

ohhhh i cant even decide which one i love the best.

Comment by Valerie

❀ the cowl!!

Comment by Ivanna

Awesome giveaway. I would choose the cowl

Comment by Meg

They're all lovely pieces.

Comment by Cassandra

I love the ropey scarf, it would be a great piece for anyone's wardrobe, really cool.

Comment by Brid

tough stuff! love it πŸ˜‰

Comment by Mia

Great giveaway! I love the ropey scarf, it a great statement piece.

Comment by Design - The great indoors

so cute! love these knits.

Comment by molly hall

That knitted-ribbon hairband is so cuteeee ❀

Comment by Glorfindel

your items are lovely, they show vintage clothes worn in a modern way, very chic. big bows are back in trend! butim not gonna be like all the other comments & try too hard, & act ott..and ssay i would kill for one of your knitted items, if i dont win, its cool!


Comment by nikkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiii.xx

this is so cool you're so cool and your stuff is so cool. glad i can be apart! πŸ™‚

Comment by johnna brynn

these are all beautiful!
i especially loved the headband ❀

xox rockie nolan

Comment by rockie nolan

My grandma will love it! β™₯

Comment by Sendi

i love the holey cowl!
i hope i'm lucky!


Comment by Jean Carol


Comment by nadjuska

If I win, I'm getting the small holey cowl…for sure.

Comment by Laura

They're all so gorgeous! Maybe if I don't win, I will force myself to learn how to knit… so I can just make one. πŸ˜€

Comment by LaurynwithaY

Oh my goodness. Can I just have them all? Please?

Comment by Stephanie

so cutes!
and with the classic seattle weather coming back…just perfect :]

Comment by trust me pomegranate

wow..wow..wow! shocked me! these stuffs is just too awesome. Thank's for following mybtwitter account. I would definetly in a huge crush with the bow and small ropey. Love..love..love!!!!


Comment by myrrh goldframe

loveee the cowl!
moving from georgia back to oregon soon, i totally would love that for my winter wardrobe! i'm going to be freezing!

Comment by Aimee

Cute stuff. Really different and fun.

Comment by Carolann

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