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I Know How To Cook
January 2, 2010, 4:07 pm
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I really want to share with you one of the gifts I received for Christmas (thanks Dad!). It’s a wonderful French cookbook titled, I Know How To Cook. It’s been wonderfully redesigned by Phaidon and is the most aesthetically wonderful cookbook ever!! I took some photos of my favorite pages to show you this book’s wonders. When I received the book, the weight totally threw me off. It’s freaking heavy! I thought it would be about 1/4 the size, but nope! It’s huge! Full of delicious awesomeness. I can’t wait to start cooking!

I’ve never been a huge fan of book jackets, this one had a terribly tacky sticker on top issued by Phaidon. I realized that the book jacket could come off and was surprised to see that it turns into a poster (seen on last photo). How cute! Definitely an added bonus!


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Lucky you-I have seen this book. It is gorgeous.

Comment by Esme

what a lovely gift! those photos and illustrations are gorgeous. i too am not a fan of book jackets. let us know which recipes are your faves!

Comment by ercy

I can’t stand book jackets either and have removed everyone of mine. This book is j’adorable! I love that the jacket turns into a poster!

Comment by Laurie @ My Domicile Style

isn’t it just dreamy? that sticker on the jacket makes me crazy! arg, i don’t know why publishers do that!

Comment by kelly

I got this for Christmas and adore it. The colors are amazing.

Comment by No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane

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