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Favorite Things Wednesday!
January 13, 2010, 11:53 am
Filed under: Etc

These amazing graphic printed tights from Les Queues de Sardines. I especially like the nude/ clear colored tights because they make your legs look like they have cool tattoos! I highly recommend you go on the site and check out all of the prints, there are tons more.

The absolutely stunning food photography from Sprouted Kitchen. They give the most delicious recipes and present the food in the most unique way possible. They make food look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, just as it is!

The iCooly from Pyramid Distribution, makes your iPhone look like a cute iMac! How fun and adorable! Unfortunately they’re sold out right now, hopefully more will be up soon!

Good Guide, my new favorite website. Rates the health, environmental and social impact of each individual product. They essentially tell you how eco and health friendly each company and product is. They even make a barcode-scanning (free) iPhone app to help you out when you’re shopping.

The amazing DIY projects from PS I Made This. Like this necklace made from hair rollers. She has such creative ideas that are usually super cheap. I highly recommend you check her out. Beautiful!

Bao. My new favorite food. They’re hot buns filled with Chinese goodness. Luckily, I have a restaurant called Wow Bao 2 blocks from my apartment. I get the vegetarian whole wheat edamame bao and the coconut custard bao. So delicious, healthy, and low calorie!

The What Type Are You? quiz from Pentagram. It’s a super unique take on the traditional quiz. Includes an adorable narrator and interactivity!

The current collection from La Casita de Wendy. Featuring some of the cutest and most adorablest prints I’ve seen in a while.

Air France. An amazing Swedish electronic duo, saw them a couple of weeks ago with Jens Lekman. Perhaps one of the best shows I’ve been to (top 5). Air France did a DJ set rather than the usual and played a lot of my favorite songs. They seemed like genuinely nice guys.


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