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January 13, 2010, 2:59 pm
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Above are the glasses I’m trying to choose out of. I need some serious help picking out a new pair. I can’t decide which ones I want! Some of them are similar, but they’re all different in little ways. Below are the two pairs that I currently have. I suppose I really only need ONE pair, but I like to mix it up with different styles. Please voice your opinion and let me know which pair above will go best on my face and be a nice contrast to the two pairs I already have.

Which ones should I buy? Pick one #1-7


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Number six. I love the detail on the corner of the frame.

Comment by Jen

1 or 4! I like the pointy-ness of them. almost cat eye glasses with a little geek-chic..

Comment by Laura

My first thoughts were No’s. 1 & 7. Then, I thought #4. I like #4 because the lenses are a slightly more interesting shape (I think), and the frames are bold, yet not overpowering. And, they have a nice finish, fresh and woody……burp.

Comment by mike

I say #6!

Comment by april

Number 4 is the best!

Comment by Jen

I agree with Laura. 1 or 4 are more cat eye style, yet still with a modern twist, and they contrast with the glasses you already have.


Comment by Emilรจ

i think #5 would suit you!

Comment by rachael

I like your current glasses a lot!! However, if I have to pick I will go with 2 or 4 I like the darker more dense color.

Comment by Scott Man

I’m trying to choose a new pair of glasses too in these days!
I say #4 are the best and would be great on you. But I’d be curious to see how #3 look on you…

Comment by Suze

with out a doubt #4! then a also am a fan of #1, #7 looks too much like the pair you have already.

Comment by Brooke

1 or 3 are fantastic choices. ๐Ÿ™‚ quite jealous of these finds!

Comment by kels

Number 3 looks great!

Comment by My Owl Barn

I think I like #5 or #7. P.S. I love your swing! I saw one of those at the Parker in Palm Springs and have been pining for one ever since.

Comment by Katie Stephenson

I vote for #3!

Comment by kim

Number 2 definetly! The brown rims are great! And they are different to what everyone else has!

Comment by Laura

OHH! I love my swing too. A friend found it for me at a garage sale, for only $7! Best purchase ever!

Comment by 1918vintage

2, 4, or 7. I think the brown contrasts what you already have best.

Comment by Kelly Cummings

3 or 6 for sure

Comment by Gina

I say number 5. I’m sure they would all look very cute, but with your soft blond hair and skin color I think the lightness of the glasses would look great! I think the darker and heavier the frame is, the more it weighs down your face. You still want people to see you, not just your glasses! ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Allison Markow

I definitely vote number 3. best of both worlds, light and heavy, day and night.

Comment by Desirae Hill

p.s. now you got me jonesin’ for a new pair of glasses

Comment by Desirae Hill

Four four four! Or one ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by elle s'ennuie

I think #1 would be the best contrast to what you already have, but there is a vintage eyeglass dealer whom I have purchase several pairs from (I have 12 total) and he rocks. http://www.eyeglasseswarehouse.com/ You might want to consider a shape that is really different and go more cat-eye for real. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Comment by cdmclean

Obviously, I’m an idiot! Please excuse the post above. You do vintage and know all about it and I didn’t realize that you also work with vintage eyewear as well. I apologize for a silly post. I do love your site.

Comment by cdmclean

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